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Thats life

Another wasted day. I got nothing done I wanted to do, almost everything I started hasn't been finished and for the finale I managed to lock myself out of my house. I was going to fill up the windscreen reservoir, before driving up to my sisters house, and I unlocked the car, opened the bonnet and turned to go back into the house for the water and washer fluid. I'd shut the door and as one of the locks is a Yale I couldn't get back in.

So, I had to drive to my sisters, stay for a while and drive to my parents house (who were at my sisters as well) with my mothers keys, collect my spare house keys (as well as feed the dog and let him out for a bit) then go home. I also wanted to fill the car up with gas, but as my wallet was locked in my house......

I think I should just shoot myself and be done with it. Life can't get too much worse for me at the moment. I'm going through a serious 'why bother' thought process and I'm finding less and less reasons to do stuff. Normally I have plenty of reasons to do so, but those are diminishing rapidly - thats the scary thing.

I hope 2006 is going to be better, it can't get much worse than 2005.
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