madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Back to work

Work starts up again today (Tuesday). No students and hopefully few academics which should allow me to catch up on some stuff as well as ensure the year rollover processes ran okay (no reason why they shouldn't).

Normally there are few people around this week so I should be able to get a load of stuff done - that can change though but I hope that only a few people are in. The dataset system is mostly complete - the main stuff is done and its only making it look better and tidy bits up here and there, the odd bugfix - but that shouldn't effect the main functionality.

Other than that its fairly normal routine. One lab to upgrade and another to reinstall. Once I have the stuff up to date I can then rewrite all my procedures as I'm the only person who understands the systems (well, thats the theory).

Once more into the breech dear friends
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