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Back at work

First day back at work and its back to the grind. I must admit that I have done work over the Christmas Break, but being at work makes it a LOT easier to work as the university firewall blocks the types of accesses I need. I could easily setup a ssh connection over an open port - thats a nobrainer and takes a few minutes, but for security I'm not (although just moving ports stops every script kiddie hack).

Dataset system is almost complete. I just have to finish off the admin pages, which I wanted to update and had to fit into my new db backend and more efficient frontend. After the use last year I improved and updated the system to take in a few minor problems the students had. As usual I had to adjust the data creation stuff a little, creating a random dataset which will 'fit' correctly and give the required results for the choosen statistics test is almost an art which myself and the academic who runs the modules have just about mastered.

Badminton tomorrow night - I need the stretch. I really should start walking again, I need to get back up to 10-12 miles without problems so I can aim to do a walk on Kinder Scout I've been eyeing for a while.

I thought I did pretty well today - I only want to kill one person. I think thats pretty good for me.
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