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Well, thats a surprise

Every year my work gives out 'Excellence Awards' over several categories. I was nominated for the 'Application of Technology'. Today I received an offical letter saying that I have 'won' it. Now, I never expected to get this, although I knew I had been nominated as univsersities tend to give all these awards to academics (technicians etc are usually the ignored people).

The good news is that the award comes with £2000, the bad news is that I don't get it in the pay packet (which would be very useful at the moment). This money has to be spent on 'personal development'. So I have to decide how to spend it - its nice to 'have to spend the money on yourself'. I'm thinking on a couple of workshops and maybe even see if I can get a Sun Ultra 20 for development work. They even may be a little left over for a couple extras.

I think I may even have a small celebration - I have some nice bitter in the fridge.

Oh yeah - I also get invited of a posh dinner and ceremony, looks like I may need my best suit, dress shirt and bow tie.

Now, all I have to do is work out who and how I contact, which forms to fill in, finance codes as well as the correct signatures to get this money spent.
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