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Sometimes I do wonder

When I started my current job I spent time sorting out and improving the systems that the department, at that time, were using. As it was the first time they had had a technician which had a IT background (the others had qualifications which would allow them to teach on the course), this was, fairly easy.

One of these was that everyone kept their own 'staff email list' so it was easy to contact everyone without adding in their names. The problem was is that a lot of people never updated it, so no everyone would get the emails. I sorted this out by creating a central list on the webserver (which has email capabilities) and using a single email. That way I could keep it up to date and noone would miss a important email because of not updating their own list. Its a known saying now - a lot of staff say I'll send it to the all***** list, everyone knows about it and uses it.

I created this list over 5 years ago and guess what. I get a phone call from a member of staff who has been here a lot longer than me. They wanted to send an email to all the department and wanted to know if I had a handy list. I just about kept my calm and managed to get this person sorted.

Three things come from this.

1)  Even when they should know and everyone mentions it they don't know

2)  Even if they have a high level degree, masters degree and PhD then they are even more likely to act like an idiot.

3)  Remember at all times that academics were once students

Number 3 is especially important to remember.

Stop the world, I want to get off. Lucky its badminton tonight, I need to be able to hit something now
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