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Badminton and sleep

I was unsure if I would go to badminton tonight. I'm tired - sleeping doesn't seem to be helping me either, getting up is steadily getting harder and harder. So, an extra evening in and a early night seemed a decent idea, especially because my wrist was hurting quite badly and my right ankle playing up again.

In the end I went - even if I went for an hour it would work out some of the creaks in my limbs. It started badly. I don't mind losing, I like the game itself. My 'game' was so bad it was depressing. Even the basics were going wrong - footwork, racket work, you name it, it was plain awful. I persevered and eventually my game started to get better. Instead of playing my usual style (I've evil with short, net type shots) I went to basics and aimed for corners and slowly my normal range of shots reappeared.

In the final analysis it was a good idea to go (for once I made a decent decision) A few creaks worked out of my battered body and a good workout should do me a power of good. I should start doing some walking on a weekend again. A few miles walk should do me a power of good, load some mp3's and listen to them. Even with this cooler weather I'll be happy enough walking on my own - not many people can keep up with me anyway.

I wonder if I could get back up to be able to walk 10 miles with little effort - or would my dodgy ankle complain. There's only one way to find out I suspose.

Oh yeah - for some reason I seem to be a communication nexus for the department at work. I may write about it another time.

Lastly - I need to pick up my new glasses. There're ready and this week is the best time for me to get them as I'm on a course most of next week which, although closer to the optician, makes it more difficult to get to them.
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