madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Plan - what plan, I'll just make it up as I go as usual

I got a phone call from one of the higher managers on Wednesday afternoon - he wanted me to ensure that the department manager got a message (it seems to be that if someone isn't in then I get the message to give them). Okay, this time its quite 'urgent'. The new clinical suite is having a big offical opening on Friday and even though my department is not at the main campus we have a few rooms in this suite for when we do finally move.

So, we have a high profile politican having a guided tour of these brand new facilities which has a few empty rooms for a department which isn't yet on that campus. So, we are moving some equipment over Friday morning to make the room look 'used'. My manager (head technician) is getting a camera and tripod down (so we don't have to take one of our own across) and I'll probably end up hovering around to make sure everything works (and to help the member of staff questions as he's only been here a week).

Friday the 13th it is, and what fun. Oh, and I still have to pick up my new glasses at some point. Maybe I can do it between setting the room up and the actual visit (which is in the afternoon).

That bottle of vodka may be lighter Friday evening - or at least my beer supply may have been lessened.
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