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After a week of attempting to find time to go and get my new glasses I finally did today.

I have a fairly strong perscription and I also have a couple of extra things. I have photochromic lenses as I am very sensitive to sunlight - bright lights, sunlight etc does cause me a lot of problems. I've had a slight tint on my glasses for years which had helped but last time I tried photochromic lenses and the difference was great. Also, it saves on having to buy perscription sunglasses and carry them around with me.

The second thing is that the 'prism' has been adjusted again to help my weaker right eye. For years I had a curious problem which the optician couldn't work out what it was. Every so often my eyesight would suddenly blur - just like when a camera is not in focus. It could happen at anytime, more so when I was concentrating on something and more so when I was tired. Usually a quick shake of my head, or I may tap my head and it would come back. Other times it could take a minute or two - not bad, but annoying all the same. Finally one optician worked out that I had what is termed as 'wandering eye'. Mentioning this does provide a few laughs, but it actually because the muscles controlling my right eye are weaker and don't always keep that eye where its supposed to be, and thus that eye would move off and throw my eyesight off. By having this prism adjustment it takes some of the load of the weaker (right) eye and put its onto my stronger (right) eye. It certainly helps, but whenever I get new glasses with a prism adjustment it takes longer for my eyes to adjust to the new glasses.

While over in the city I also got a couple of extra things. I was thinking of buying some anime, there are a couple of shops that stock it, but I couldn't decide what to get. Even so, it works out cheaper to get a DVD delivered from the US compared to buying one in the UK - its always the same with any DVD or CD. In any event - suggestions would be welcome, we don't get much anime in the UK so I haven't seen too much anime.

I did treat myself though to a PIC kit. As well as having to solder the entire kit together (which I'll enjoy doing) I've been meaning to get to grips with PIC programming. I have some ideas, which should work well with a PIC chip, so I should have some fun. Either that or I'll blow myself (and probably my computer) up in a new and interesting way.
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