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Back to music practise, and annoyances at work

Not a bad day - tonight was music practice. Not a massive amount of people turn up but enough for a good play. At this group I play a flute - yes I know that my username has clarinet in it - but in this group I wield my flute (moving sections keep the .

Due to the wrist/arm problem I can't use my clarinet much at all - say 10 minutes max but I can manage with the flute. I'm not as good on the flute as I am on the clarinet, and thats causing me problems. Instead of being able to play most of the music and concentrate on a few, I'm now running to play the music. Its a challenge which I like, but the wrist problem does cause problems - it isn't so bad with the flute, but I have to be careful. Which I am being, don't doubt that.

Work today was interesting. I got some more of the safety system I'm writing done (a set of pages which hold all the safety information for the various parts of the Faculty. Once done it should be good.

Now the annoyance, the new subject manager dropped by with a few forms and asked me what they were. These forms were for the stuff I'd got quotes for new hardware. They had been stuck in the ex subject managers in tray and left. Ergo, I've been waiting for stuff to work its slow way though the systems and sometime down the line the stuff I ordered will appear.

He signed off the ones we have the budget for as the money for two others had to come out of a special fund that we lost after the financial year end.

Well, at least I can look forward to a nice memory upgrade for the webserver - it badly needs it now I've been using it to create dynamic php/mysql systems instead of static html pages. Naughty me, making the webserver work harder.

A couple of weeks left until the students all back.......
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