madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Course - day 1

Today was different for a change.

I'm on a course for 4 days this week learning to be a First Aider so its a change to normal routine. A nice difference is that the place is just outside the city centre so I plan to walk as its only about 2 miles and usually well within my limits.

Day 1 has been (and susposed to be) fairly easy. Mostly theory and a few basic practicals. As the days go on it'll get harder and harder. Its nice to see that my basic first aid knowledge from years back is still mostly okay except that some of the techniques have been changed - which is not a surprise seeing as I learn't all that stuff a very long time ago. Anyway, so far so good. I'm getting there and the group seems very good natured. Lots of stuff to take in before we all get assessed on Thursday afternoon. In truth first aid is very much common sense which I do have (until my mad side fully clicks in anyway). Also, as I have health and safety responsibilities at work it dove tails quite neatly into this too.

I got home and then went out again (this time with car) to get my shopping done, I also stopped at a car place to get a replacement glass for my wing mirror and some more transmission fluid (my transmission has a very small leak which means I have to top the fluid off). I really should get the leak sorted - its probably just a leaky seal but if its more I don't yet have a reserve large enough to cover it.

Anyway food supplies restored, and I checked over the mass of work emails. Mostly nothing major, the one thing I already know about and reported it to the correct department as the problem is not to do with any systems I control - it just disrupts my systems.

One final thing - I need to do more walking and build my stamina back up, I have minor aches that I wouldn't expect at the mileage I did today. I though that that may be the case so I just need to plan in some walks, there's enough areas to walk in my locality and I should soon be able to afford to drive more into the peak district and do some nice walks in the countryside.
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