madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Course - Last Day

Last day of the course today. Mostly it was practice and other stuff - few quick fire questions and the usual 'remember to do'. Then, in the afternoon it was the assessments. Basically there was 3 assessed parts in two parts. This was split into 'blood and bones' and 'unconscious/cpr'. The first was fairly straight forward, you have a casuality who is conscious but has a bleeding wound and a factured limb. The later is in two parts - the first is resuscitation where you have to do CPR and 'rescue breaths'. The other is an unconscious casualty who needs putting in the 'recovery position'. Both 'tasks' are followed by a few questsions. Needless to say - I've passed, the entire group did in fact. I made a couple of very minor errors but otherwise I was fine.

One funny thing - While awaiting to do one of the tests I took a dose of my asthma medication (Its very mild asthma which is linked with a couple of my allergys) - just in case as I had to the CPR test to come. The two tutors saw me take it and asked if I was okay. I answered, I'm fine as it was only a 'just in case'. I, however, acted as people who know would and pretended to have an attack. It was obvious in a second that it wasn't one and I was messing around - for instance my head didn't hit the table, it stopped before it and I quickly came back up to a normal sitting position. I was told that it was an excellent go - it was an almost perfect impression.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow and sorting out the mess that has more than likely appeared.
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