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Back to work - I knew already that there was an email problem with the webserver. The antispam software (which has the ability to let spam through but block actual messages) was upgraded last week and it knocked that server off. Because I haven't been in (due to the course) I hadn't been able to do much, as its a minor problem I decided I didn't need to worry about it too much.

That was until I realised that the problem was more widespread and had disrupted my other email server - which is quite a lot more important. Several staff had not been without email for almost a week. Great - straight into a mess. Its now obvious that the problem is the same for both servers. The person who is dealing with the problem (I logged the original problem on Monday as its to do with a system I have no access on) is on annual leave - so its Monday at the earliest.

Now - why on earth didn't someone tell me, I carry a cell provided by work (so I could be contacted when there is a problem), my own cell and if all else fails people have access to a list which has my home telephone number on. I keep on telling people - let me know if there is a problem, even if I can't deal with it I could have at least talked to someone about it and maybe even have it sorted quickly.

Oh, and it was only when I started doing test messages to see where the problem was that I got a response - and then the email I received back was the equivilent of 'panic stations' I almost hit the roof with anger. I prefer not to be angry, people tend to get out of my way (quite quickly) when that happens. The only ones who don't are either stupid or have a death wish.

The people I work with are supposed to be highly qualified and intelligent. How am I susposed to sort problems out when nobody tells me there is a problem. It looks like common sense is missing from one set of staff.

I'm not omnipresent yet - I do try, but I haven't quite made it yet.
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