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Another fun day at work. After talking to someone in the main computing department we were able to work otu what was going wrong with the emails to the servers I admin. Basically - its called 'smart routing'. This is a really option in sendmail, except that its not being all that smart. It looks like the email is going around in circles between the mail server and the spam server, this makes it get dizzy and thus the email flys out of the cooling fans of the server and gets lost.

Well - maybe not. But they are hopefully going to sort it tomorrow - at least we know where the problem is. I'm still annoyed that noone told me about the extend of the problem - but I'm channeling it currently so I may explode at some later point. Strangling staff is not worth the effort, they'd only get more and they could be even worse.

Anyway, to top it all I'm coming down with either flu or a sore throat. I certainly fits as I've been running on full power for too long and it lowers my immune system. I'll pick up some lemsip tomorrow and muddle through. Illnesses don't last with me usually, but they do slow me a lot. Part of the problem is that I'm touch and light sensitive - an illness makes me even more sensitised which overloads my senses and thus makes me feel even worse. Touch senstivity I cannot do much about, the light I can as I installed a dimmer switch in my main room at home. Also, my glasses are photochromic which also helps.

To quote Shakespeare

Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our English dead!
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