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Running on Lemsip

Okay - its a cold, it doesn't feel like flu so it must be a cold. Now - I've been at work all day, and I do prefer being at work then being grumpy at home. I admit that curling up in bed is a nice thought, but I did drag myself to work. To keep myself going I have a pack of lemsip sachets, the good thing about these is that they don't conflict with my normal painkillers, and they keep the worst of my symptoms at bay.

I have decided not to go to music this evening, my breath is not up to capacity to be able to play my flute effectively so I'm planning on a hot bath tonight and a 'lazy evening' coupled with an earlier night.

Normally I can throw off a cold within a couple of days, if I can stand the aches in my limbs I will be playing badminton tomorrow night. I've found that sweating the illness out of me has been very effective before and usually speeds up recovery.

I do hate it when illness stops me, I have enough problems with a injured wrist and dodgy ankle anyway.

Oh, I found out one thing today - one member of staff has bought a house which is approximatly 1 mile away from my house. I think I want to panic now, I thing they are planning on hemming me in so I can't escape.

Then again, I've nowhere to escape to, I need a backup plan methinks.
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