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Still on Lemsip

Well, the cold is still here. Day 2 of feeling quite rotten - everytime I cough it makes my joints 'jump' which causes some pain. When the 'jerk' reaches my bad wrist the pain is quite awful. But, I'm still fighting and I hope that I'll start to see the end of it tomorrow - that we'll see. Because of the aching joints I didn't go to badminton, its a shame - but I wouldn't be any use with the way my joints were acting. I would have liked to go - a good bit of exercise has helped shove colds on their way from me before and I don't like to let them win.

But, I am realistic as well. I know when the limit isn't able to be pushed (usually). The lemsip is helping, but with that, my painkillers and the cold my head isn't running too well. Trying to code is tough work, but it has to be done. Having an extra level to my touch senstivities really slows me done - I'm finding clothes with a 'softer' weave as anything else 'grates' as I can actually feel the seperate thread - and its overloading my senses.

Won't be long - colds don't last long with me, and I'll be damned it I let this one stay. I work best on my own, so a cold following me around is not fun.
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