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Carrying on

Well - the cold is on its way out. Although I'm still aching and generally low on energy etc, I can see the signs that its on the wane. It can't go soon enough, I'm fed up of the extra pain from my wrist and a lessening of the other sensory overloads.

Also, I had my parents old sofa (couch) delivered today. They have another one and its a shame to get rid of the current one. Although aging (mainly due to several spaniels) its turns into a decent bed. Its solved two problems in one. My parents get rid of the old sofa, and I don't have to think about buying a bed for my spare room. Once I finish clearing up that room (think junk room currently) it'll make a decent place for anyone to stay if a bed is needed. There's a bit of paint scraped off and a a few other bits of mess from when the delivery people got it up my stairs as there's a sharp turn at the top - but nothing a piece of sandpaper and a paintbrush won't easily solve.

Next week the students are back - I wish it could be longer but thats life. I have a meeting with my manager next Friday about a database I'm taking control over for him (I have a LOT of experience with databases). Its been quite funny - because of a change of the security settings from the central computing department he hadn't been able to access the database on his computer. Its only taken 4 months for them to sort it out, I could have gotten to the data if we needed it, but a few high up people may not have liked it. Especially as they assume that their setup is foolproof........

Such is life, one more day of partial peace left. Students back causing all manner of problems next week in addition to the staff.
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