madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

I should have expected it

Students back to lectures this week.

5 minutes in and I already wanted to strangle one. Thats better than last semester. Instantly problems in the lecture theatre - the problem was that the monitor cable wasn't plugged into the computer. Two other lectures I had to go to and assist the staff member in ensuring that everything is set up (its amazing how much they forget).

I think the day went into a tailspin after that. I wasted time upgrading ms office on one computer. I could have blasted openoffice on it in minutes, but I spent best part of an hour installing it and then installing the security patches. The patches, were only slightly smaller than then entire openoffice download - go figure. The bi-weekly team meeting took ages today, but the good thing was that I got a by on the away day next week. Its all about assessments, as I am not involved directly with assessments I don't need to go. I want to spend the day doing some high end maintenance, but I expect students will put paid to that plan.

I had to reply to an email about what I want to spend the money I got from the excellence award on. Nothing solid, but just an idea as the money should be in the budgets soon. I've almost worked it out - a couple of web workshops, a nice ultra 20 *drool* and some bits of useful software I'd like. It all depends on the final costs - because I work at an university we get some extra tax breaks, but I don't know which ones will work for me.

I was rather hoping for a couple of useful conferences around the US so I could drop by and visit some people. I don't think I could pull that one off though - nice idea though. Maybe one in Australia.......

Oh well, off to do my food shopping then back home to collapse, I paid my tv license last night so I don't need to worry about that. This means I am now able to watch tv for another year (maybe there're be some decent anime somewhere....)
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