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I finally made it to music practice tonight. My wrist/hand went bad on me so I hadn't been for a bit (try playing a flute when one hand refuses to work). Last week, the cold put paid to the plan (breathing required with a flute). So, I found the new room at the place we practice (its a cafe area) and found out that the next concert is in March. We are playing different music, which I didn't used to worry about as I knew the music. Now, I'm playing a flute I have to relearn most music which ups the workload considerably. Add to that a considerably lessened ability to practice (no more 4 hour practice session as it would kill my hand) then I'm in for some fun.

Now, most of the music should be okay, theres 4 pieces which I'm 'concerned' about. The first is because its so high, I haven't learn't all the notes on the flute yet as its has a different keying, compared to the clarinet (which is plain weird on the really high notes). The second piece is because of its speed - I'm not fully 'settled' with the flute yet so I haven't the full ability of playing a note without having to think of the fingering. Luckily the oboeist who sits next to me is good with notes - so he should be able to unknot my fingers when needed. The last one is the absolute worst. Its a very tough one to play on the clarinet and the flute music is just as bad - which makes it very difficult indeed. Its a medley so key changes and speed changes are there in force, its fast and uses a lot of accidentals - so more thinking time is needed.

Maybe I should find an easier instrument. I think I have a penny whistle somewhere.
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