madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

A seemingly long day at work. The final cricket test has begun........

Thursdays are always a push for me, I play badminton on a Wednesday evening and so I'm usually slightly tired and creaky for part of the day. I finished badminton early because I'd overtaxed my weaker ankle. I may be mad, but I know when to stop. A couple of people at badminton asked if I was okay as it took slightly longer to 'recover'. My answer, thanks to my sense of humour, 'yeah, all the bones seem to be in the right place'. I've had a slight limp for part of the day, but its gone now. I recover quickly.

One of these days I describe my style of badminton. Its hard to describe. It has to be seen to be believed, I don't worry about hitting walls or the floor. People wonder how I don't seriously injure myself, I sometimes do but I try not to. One person, years ago summed this up. After one of my more spectalular crashes into a door (double doors, one locked - I hit the locked one) one of the people who worked in the 'insurance' unit said 'if you were in the middle of a 40 car pile up, you'd just walk away dusting yourself off'. I don't let minor 'hurts' get to me. Maybe thats part of the reason why my bad wrist/hand annoys me so much. Its not minor and I can shrug it off as easily as everything else. When I can more easily describe it, I'll write it. Its hard to describe. Needless to say, get someone to film me and we could get masses of money from the 'funny video' shows. Any volunteers?

Work was 'fun', I'm still setting up new computers and rushing to get them on the desks before enrollment/induction starts. I also need to reimage a couple of labs and tighten some things on the server by this time. Its easy enough, but just plain boring at times - especially as the monitor I use on the machines I use puts some slight interference on my radio (with the cricket commentary on). The good (and maybe bad) news is that I now have a firm date for when some brand new machines arrive so I can replace the old computers in one of the labs - More stuff to install, but not so 'time sensitive'.

Well, to finish. The final Ashes test started today. At the end of day one, honours even - maybe Australia slight ahead. There are up to 4 more days left. A lot will depend on tomorrow. Its funny that the media are saying masses of things about how the game will go, but there's a long way to go, and a lot can (and probably will happen). I will be listening to the commentary on 'Radio 4 LW'. They are streaming the commentary over the internet from the BBC Cricket web pages - and its free to use anywhere in the world. The weather is expected to play its part - 'rain stopped play' is expected. Needless to say, we have a couple of people in the department from Germany who don't understand any of all this. The best I can say is that this series 'The Ashes' is the most anticipated series in the cricket world. This time, for the first time in 18 years England have a real chance to win the Ashes back. Australia have been dominant in the cricket world for years. England now have just about the only team which can beat them - the last 4 'tests' have turned out.

1. (Lords) Australia win
2. (Edgbaston) England win
3. (Old Trafford) Draw (Australia just grab the draw)
4. (Trent Bridge) England win

Australia have to win this game to draw the series and retain the Ashes. England need to win or draw.

I doubt I'll have any fingernails left. If you have time, check out the Cricket stuff on the BBC Website. I've explained a bit to a couple of people in America - the line about games lasting up to 5 days usually gets a good reaction.

I must add that I'm not the type of person to be glued to sports channels - in fact I usually keep well away. This, however is my exception.
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