madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Installing computers.....

What fun, I am rapidly installing a machine to upgrade one of the labs by next Wednesday. Now, I've been able to wrestle office 2003 to work with multiple users (finally). But this lab has some special hardware - specifically Biopac's. These are contraptions which you can connect probes to so you can measure 'physiological' aspects. Basically stuff like EMG, EEG up to even brainwaves (if you have them). They are a pig to get working, and I really am getting fed up of an OS which doesn't like to work correctly even though you follow the instructions from their website.

Multiuser computers on a server based system. Microsoft still have a long way to go to be as good as unix systems in that respect. I have a meeting with my manager tomorrow about a database I'm taking control over from him (I know more about databases than anyone else in the department), maybe we'll bash out some ideas for the safety documentation system I've been writing and then its back to the battle of the profile/registry.

One last thing - and a little sad. BBC Radio 4 (one of the national radio stations) has decided to stop playing its 'opening theme tune' in April and replace it with an extended news and shipping forcast. It's a 5 minute lovely medley of music which basically annouced the start of Radio 4's transmission (when its not transmitting the station links to the BBC World Service). Its a shame they've decided to get rid of it. I used to like to listen to it when I had to do a site visit at my old job. Driving down a motorway at 5.30am was nice with this piece.

Listen to it here - tell me what you think of it. Maybe I'm being a little sentimental, but I don't care.
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