madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Another day

Ack, I had wanted to do so much today, but failed. I started to re-image one of the labs today. I thought that starting it first thing would ensure it all would be done by early afternoon. I didn't take into account the awful network over in that lab. The TCP collisions had to be seen to be believed, there is something seriously wrong with the network, but the networking team won't do anything and insist its okay. Thats life, early start tomorrow followed by a panic rush.

I'm also transferring some microcassette tapes onto normal size cassettes - but the microcassette player has died on me. I'll see if I can get hold of one first thing - that job needed completing for Monday just.

Music was okay tonight, the violins still have the annoying habit of speeding up then blaming everyone else, but most of the music we did tonight I should be able to play soon. There's only a few pieces I'm concerned about. I just hope my wrist/hand holds out, thats the real problem - the rest is just learning.

Thats life, I'll just pick myself up and see what tomorrow brings. 1st, get that lab running. 2nd, micro cassettes. The battle line is drawn, and I'm wondering if my frail looking defence will hold. It may do, I'm good on defense - but it may not be enough yet.

'Hold the line'
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