madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Six Nations - Week 2

There's only a few sports I'll actively follow. Cricket and Rugby (union mainly) - I follow what my local football team does and a few other sports. But those two I do enjoy.

Every year, there is a rugby series called the 'Six Nations'.

Basically England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy all play each other and the winner is the trophy. If, however the winning team have beaten ALL the others then they are also credited with the 'Grand Slam' - currently only England and Scotland can still get a 'Grand Slam'.

So far its been good to watch. Each week they play 3 games. Two on Saturday and one on Sunday. Italy have only recently joined this tournament (before it was called 'Five Nations') and have been mostly thrashed - but there are getting better and did make England work for their win. Scotland and Wales play tomorrow - thats usually a good game to watch. France won against Ireland - but that was more before of the Irish mistakes in the first half. France were the tournament favourites at the start, but now they aren't looking too hot.

For anyone who hasn't seen rugby I would suggest looking here

It may look quite nasty at times (blood replacement for instance) but its a really good game to watch.
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