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Work and Badminton

Sometimes I do wonder how much work I can actually attempt to do at times. With the students constantly wanting print credits, new passwords, logins and generally stupid questions. Add to that the staff requests, laptop/projecter problems and my time rapidly disappears.

I'm currently attempting to get all the machines in one lab replaced with new ones - before next weeks visit days. If I can tweak the profile enought tomorrow then it should be done - albit time is a big factor here.

I just look and wonder where the time has gone.......

Well, I was considering giving badminton a miss - I was tired and had a lot of minor aches which were protesting about the impending badminton. I went, and I'm glad I did - the workout was seriously needed and me being there kept the numbers even so it was easier to sort games out. As usual I spent a fair amount of time falling over, bouncing off the wall and even tripping myself over at one point.

I'm transferring a cassette to computer tomorrow - see if I can reduce the noise as the person who recorded it used the completely wrong equipment and didn't 'sound check' (and is now moaning they can't hear the tape). Maybe I can filter it enough, maybe not - all I can do is try.
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