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That was an unexpected result

One of the students had recorded their final year study interviews on a microcassette dictaphone and a week or so ago I transferred them to large cassette - except that the transfer isn't too good. Looks like the recording head on the dictaphone she used is slightly out of alignment - that means extra noise when you play it on a different machine.

As a last attempt at transfering something listenable I recorded the cassette onto computer and ran it though a noise filter. This, often slightly distorts the voice, but massively cuts down on the noise and make the recording easier to hear.

This time however, the end result was very different. The noise level to voice was too close and the end result sound like the old childrens tv show The Clangers where there 'speech' was done with a swanee whistle. It had me chuckling merrily for a while and everyone who heard it had a laugh (and almost everyone said - 'it sounds like the clangers').

Other than that it was a pretty dull and busy day. I finished the new profile for the lab computers and I hope that'll fix a few of the minor irratations I've had. As thats done I can now finish the new computers for the small lab - I want to get that done, all computers in and have started the scrapping processes for all the old machines I have stored by the time I have my two days off late next week.

Friday will be the crunch day though, if I can get a lot of things done tomorrow then I'll have a good chance of making it.
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