madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,


Sometimes I can be stopped by a completely unexpected question or comment. I was helping a student who was was having trouble finding some of the electronic journals and other such types of stuff.

These sorts of times I try to find out any information - hows the course going, any major problems etc. Sometimes I can help students by just suggesting some simple things - for instance they quite often fail to miss a simple thing or solution. Sometimes even saying - go see the module leader or seminar leader. This sort of information is good and I can find out where some problems are occuring - useful and also helps foster a good dialogue with some students. Apparently I'm seen, by the current first years, as a kind of Jekyll & Hyde type person. If I'm disturbed at the wrong moment than I'm very scary to talk to, other times I'm quite nice and approachable - I'd agree with that - there are times when I could kill the person who disturbs. Also, the general attitude of the student disturbing me has a large factor to play there.

Now the funny part - while talking some of the seminar leaders were mentioned. The student then said You and x would make a lovely couple - this had the instant effect of having whats left of my braincell doing a emergency stop. I would never expect that sort of comment to come from a student - maybe I'm getting too old.

Oh well, at least the students aren't in next week. Maybe I need to review my information gathering techniques.
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