madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,


One of the people I work with had their 30th birthday party and I've just got home after ferrying some people back. Because I'm on painkillers I can't currently drink alcohol - so I gave lifts to a few people (well 4).

It was a good party - his wife had hired a jukebox loaded with 70's songs in (the party was 70's themed) and there was a lot of people there and a good time was had by all. 'H' had to get a bus back to another nearby city - so I drove her to the bus station and returned - by that time 'A' was ready to go and she convinced the other 2 to also go (all three where seriously worse for wear from amounts of alcohol). 'G' was seriously 'plastered' and 'R' wasn't too far behind and they decided to stay at 'A's for the night. 'A' doesn't live that far away from me, so it was an easy drive.

I'm just going to finish a pot of tea and find my bed. I think I shall sleep tonight - tiredness will probably win the battle this time.
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