madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Traffic - what traffic

Okay, so I overslept today. After finally dragging myself up I finally left for work around 8.35 am. Now, the drive to work takes about 30/40 minutes due to traffic - but today, I arrived at work at 9.00am. Where was all the traffic - it was light all the way to work.

Then I realised that the schools are off this week for half term, its amazing how much the difference is. The silly thing is that the 'school run' is so short its quicker to walk - but people are welded to their cars and such is life. If it was possible I would take public transport and/or walk to work. Its not practiable at the moment - but that will probably change when we finally move campuses in a year or so.

Oh well, back to work for another fun day at the madhouse - at least there are almost no students around this week and I have two days off later this week as well.
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