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A busy day

A lot done today, apart from a couple of times when I got stopped. The small lab has now got all the new computers in. The computers took a while to dismantle as the old computers were bolted to the desk so I had to dismantle each one. The new computers didn't take much to setup as I'd already done most of the work, just a few checks left to do and the whole lot seems to work fine.

A big set of tidying and packing old computers in boxes and storing them in the lab. The whole place looks a lot better now, once I complete the paperwork then the stuff will be out of my way (but red tape takes times).

The rebuilt eyetracker PC is also back with the eyetracker and seems to be a lot happier since I completely reinstalled it - the software/hardware looks like its working with minimal problems. Although time will only tell on that.

Tuesday and Wednesday are visit days - we have a lot of people coming so it'll be a killer of a day both days. I doubt very much I'll get anthing worthwhile done, thats only to be expected though.

Maybe I can stop taking the painkillers for a couple of days, I really could do with a large intake of Real Ale and Vodka......
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