madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,


Visit Day

Prospective students with parents/spouses/friend(s) etc visit the site. So, I spend a bit over an hour walking near the car parks trying to (a) spot visitors and (b) direct them to the reception desk.

(a) isn't too hard, you just look for the people looking around and wondering what to do/where to park. Usually you can spot them from the bits of paper and/or maps.

(b) is fairly easy as well - just point and add simple directions, although the cold was starting to inhibit limb movement at the later stages. Tomorrow I'm bringing my big yellow waterproof jacket - I may look a complete idiot, but I'll be warm at least.

Problem was that it was quite windy and cold - even I felt cold this time (and thats saying something if I feel cold). Once I finished that it was straight into taking a group of them on a site tour (waiting for late arrivals). Tour was easy enough - except it rained but the day went okay. It just leaves everyone tired - and we have another one tomorrow.

Music tonight, I'll go to it, I could easily miss it but I need the practice and with a concert next month.......

Oh hum, what fun
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