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Visit Day No. 2

Another visit day almost done (my part is finished though). The weather is rotten and I spent almost an hour and a half standing around directing traffic to car parks and then the people to the reception desk. Today, however, I came prepared - I took my large yellow fluorescent jacket with me and used that. Its extremely waterproof and warm - perfect for standing in the cold playing car park attendant.

After I finally left that I had to take one of the 'campus tour' groups. We had 5 groups going around and I did well to not to stop my group getting held up by another group ahead of me, as well as not allowing the group following to have to wait. Apart from one part when the group behind was early we did well. 3 of the 5 groups finished within a couple of minutes of each other. 1 of the other 'tour guides' spent an age and when I mentioned it I got the response 'I'll take as long as I like'. Which, when another group is waiting around for her to finish and you only are given 20 minutes seems a little stupid. She made the next session late starting and pushed the entire programme back because of it.

I had to do another quick tour for another person (and their parents) as they had arrived late - that was easily done and back in time for the accomodation tour (visit to halls of residence). I'm now tired and aching (the carpark work takes a lot more out of you than you realise) - I doubt I'll go to badminton tonight, my ankle is hurting, my wrist is hurting and I'm cream crackered.

Roll on the rest of the week and my annual leave.

Next week the students are back...............
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