madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Bits and bobs day

Isn't it nice not having to drag yourself out of bed for work - even if its only a couple of days. I've almost caught up on my missed sleep as well. I got my car taxed and picked up a few small things I've been wanting to get for a while. Pay day has just gone and hopefully this month I can catch up a bit - February has been quite expensive. Apart from my the weekend away (eldest sisters 40th), new car tyre and a couple of unexpected outlays I'm behind on my main play. Luckily, although it looks bad, my financial plan is sound and the situation will improve with time.

I've had my next appointment for the specialist come though - April 3rd. It can't come soon enough, the painkillers are having less of an effect than normal at the time (although that good be the cold weather) and I'm having more occurances of the most annoying pain - a pulsing pain which drives me even further up the wall than normal. I suspose I'll snap at a a few people during the next few weeks as the pain seriously degrades my ability to deal with annoying students/staff. I expect a couple of my friends will also get full broadsides as well.

I think I should find a few mindless shoot-em-ups and put them close by - a long mindless shooting session is very useful for killing off a temper.

Look out everyone madclarinet is getting close to berserker mode - it won't be pretty, thats for sure.
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