madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Back to work tomorrow

Well, it had to end. Back to the grindstone tomorrow. The two days off work have been great - although I could have done with more, the short break has been great. Sleep has been (mostly) caught up on, and a few household related tasks have been caught up on (still lots to do though).

I dread to find out what mess staff have made of the systems over the two days I wasn't around. I always wonder about when I take annual leave - I could do with a longer break, but I always consider whats happening around me at work. If I take time off at the wrong time then it could cause serious problems (at my last work it was 'seriously critical'). I don't not take leave because of a reason, but I try to ensure that the problems are lessened (less work for me when I return). Maybe I should ensure that there are a lot of problems - but then again, staff and students are perfectly capable of creating a mess without me anyway.

Oh well - thats life, back to the grind and I wonder what comments students will come up with next. I still try to wonder what made one student said to me - strange to consider why they would come out with such a statement. Maybe I shouldn't worry about it, students are stranger than normal people - but I can beat them all at strange.
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