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Datasets, datasets and yet more datasets

Memo - when a system works, make sure it stays just usable. When you have an nicely working and easy to use working system you end up having to set it up for more and more things.

I just finished sorting out one dataset system this morning (quite proud of that one as there was some 'sneaky' coding involved) and I have another to write - luckily its similar to the one I just finished so I was easily able to get it running, but the amount of these systems I have running is increasing the workload more.

For instance, each semester

2 systems for the Online Degree
1 system for the On Campus Degree
1 system for the overseas franchise

Each system has a copy of one of two types of code (one with answer system, one without) and a corresponding database. We have to keep old systems around for a bit before I can archive them. My eventual plan is to be able to combine the whole lot into one system - which can handle multiple setups. But that'll take time that I have very little of.

We have more staff starting over the next few months, so I'll have more staff to support, as well as all the staff. Couple that with some of my faculty based roles and I'll have even less time to build these things (which are proved to greatly reduce some types of workload).

The silver lining in all this (is there is one) is that there are a few members of staff starting to 'suggest' that we get another technician to take some of the more day-to-day tasks off me and allow me to do more of these tasks. But, I'll believe that when I see it - I know I should be more positive, but I've seen what the place is like where stuff like this is concerned.

Oh, and by the way. Later this week I'm having a meeting to get the 2 online degree datasets started for this semester (but we are starting earlier than normal this time).

Isn't it no wonder that I'm losing some of the threads I'm trying to hold onto - I can keep a lot of multiple tasks together - but even I have a limit.
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