madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Traffic, traffic and traffic

Ack, what a drive in to work today.

It started fine, car needed the frost scraping which didn't take long at all. Now, there are major roadworks in the city at the moment, so I have to make a choice - left or right. Right is the shorter route and also my preferred route, but goes through the roadworks and because I was running slightly late it would also be very busy.

Left it was, and it was fine, another point is where I get to an island and have the option of going straight or left. Straight was packed and traffic stuck on the island - left it was and onto and Dual Carriageway (A50). Because thats a fast road its the quickest route, but also the longest and it was great, until I got to about a mile away from work. I'd come off that road and onto another which led me back towards the city (I work on one side, live on the other). Traffic was at a standstill just past the junction I come off at and it was okay, until I got stuck in a long jam and another drive warned of a BIG problem, so I turned around (others followed my example) and went back. The second way I tried was just as bad so I then took another roundabout route to get to work.

The journey - which is about 6/7 miles let me around 20 miles because of the long route and the messing around trying to get to work.
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