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England have won the Ashes - my nerves (and fingernails) have gone

What a day,

After 18 years, England have regained the Ashes from Australia. The match ended up a draw, with the series at 2-1 in England's favour then we won. I wouldn't say that it was easy....

Look at it this way. 5 'Tests', each played over 5 days. The first test started July 21st and its been thrilling, nailbiting and has probably hospitalised a lot of people during this time (I wish I was joking here). Finally regaining this, after so long, against the best cricket team in the world (which has, at times been made to look very ordinary).

At the start of play this morning we were 'quietly confident. By lunch we were 'very concerned'. By tea, we were 'happily confident'. 5pm we were sure. Although the game was an anticlimax, it was very nailbiting.

I've been listening the LW coverage on my radio in my office, every so often going to the porters lodge to watch a few minutes. People around the world have been listening via the internet feed on the BBC Website - to give you some idea, their email inbox have 30,000+ emails this morning, of which 20,000 had been unread. By lunch they had received another 20,000 at least - from all parts of the world.

To give you a slight idea to all thia I would point you to the 'Ashes Log'

No matter how it is, its great to see how friendly all the players are. No matter how much they put into the game, they do pass on 'well done' or have a laugh etc.

I would also suggest these pages for reading,

its interesting to see how the Australian media is making of this,10117,16586445-2,00.html
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