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Spend the money

All the accounting stuff has been completed and we now have the correct codes so I can start spending the money I got from the excellence award.

To start with, I'm aiming for a workshop later this month. I got the forms I thought were needed then fired off an email to one of the admin team to ensure I was doing everything right. Turns out they've simplified the system (still complicated but not so much) and I need to use a different (easier form).

So far so good, I've filled in the form and I also found out that I don't have to get the train tickets via the university. I can buy them and then claim the money back (we couldn't before and the quotes from the uni were always higher).

The person who needs the forms (and is the person for administering the money) is based on my campus, but the signature of my line manager is needed - and he is based on the main campus. No problem though.

Lets see what happens when I try to order a nice Ultra 20.........
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