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Masses of memes because its a slow day

All from babyghia

What Your LiveJournal Friends Want by prettykitty33
The one who ate your dogladytesser
The one who hates youpyg_klb
The one who lusts after youbabyghia
The one who want to see yourineva
The one who loves youzola
The one who wants your dogravenlore
The one who kills you in the endlilly_rose
The one who you will marry in the enduniquekat
The one you wanted to marryinsertweirdbs
The one you wish you had killeduniquekat
People you will sleep with before dying621
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Sex lives of my lj friends by chynafox
The one who likes their toes suckedladytesser
The one with the huge boobszola
The one who needs viagrainsertweirdbs
The one who likes to watchravenlore
The one who likes it from behindlilly_rose
The gay onebabyghia
The virginrineva
The one who likes orgiespyg_klb
The one who wears a rubber maskuniquekat
The one that likes paininsertweirdbs
The one who can go at it all nightpyg_klb
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your livejournal friends true idenities by heedii
day or night
the hippyuniquekat
the stonerravenlore
the perfectionistpyg_klb
the slutzola
has a crush on youlilly_rose
pretends to be homosexualladytesser
pretends to be heterosexualbabyghia
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What are your LJ friends doing right now? by raven18
Watching TV/moviesravenlore
Getting drunkinsertweirdbs
Picking up girls/guysbabyghia
Surfing around onlinerineva
Has disappeared into thin airravenlore
Wandering around aimlesslylilly_rose
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Secrets your LiveJournal friends really don't want you to know about... by Pixie_Anji
Has a criminal recordinsertweirdbs
Is sleeping with the landlorduniquekat
Is desperately alcoholicladytesser
Still wets the bedravenlore
Is dying for a sex changepyg_klb
Secret kleptomaniacrineva
Random tree-hugging hippylilly_rose
Is lonely and longs for friendszola
Has big red boils all over their rear endbabyghia
Is mortally terrified of peppermintbabyghia
Can't ever be bothered to wipe after defecatinginsertweirdbs
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Get The Dirt On Your LJ Friends by MalignantEra
Likes To Eat Glue:ravenlore
Secretly Worships You:insertweirdbs
Intends To Kill You:uniquekat
Doesnt Really Like You:ladytesser
Thinks You Are Attractive:lilly_rose
Thinks YOU Think They Are Attractive:rineva
Wants To Elope With You:zola
This One:babyghia
Wants To Molest This One:pyg_klb
But That One Is The Obsession Of This One:zola
Chance These Are All Lies:: 20%
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If your lj friends were in a soap opera.. by thatweirdemogirl
the token black guyladytesser
the slutinsertweirdbs
the "whos the father" pregnant chickbabyghia
the "in-the closet-" kidzola
the rebelious teenravenlore
the attractive guy/girl magnetlilly_rose
the "nice" guyuniquekat
the corupt business manpyg_klb
the evil bitchrineva
the evil bitch's good clonelilly_rose
the horny assholerineva
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