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Spent a while at my parents. I was invited around for Sunday Lunch, help mum with a couple of minor computer questions. Its nice to have a 'proper' Sunday Lunch as its difficult to make one just for myself. I usually have a decent meal, almost a Sunday Lunch but not quite.

Toasted crumpets for tea and I left soon afterwards - I had a few small jobs to be done so I'm ready for work Monday. Hopefully I can check that my manager is in so I can get the forms for my workshop signed off (different campus). After that I'll wait a week or so and check that everything has been passed though (shouldn't be a problem) and then I'll get my train tickets. For a course that starts at 9.30 I need to catch the 5.00am train. I don't want to take my car, the coach is even worse and so the train seems the best plan. It'll be a long day, but should be worth it.

I wonder what delights this week will have in for me - will I be able to start the scrapping process on the old computers and check if some printers are worth salvaging?, will I get the quote sorted for a Ultra 20. More importantly - will I get the time to clean part of my office, it seriously needs it due to the large amount of computers I've been building and servicing/repairing/reinstalling.
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