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Music and madness

A strange day at work - I went across to the main campus to get something signed by my manager. Some of the academics are on strike today (although it didn't seem to make any impression) and so the bus (I use the campus bus, its easier than getting a car space organised) arrived and I saw the pitiful picket line - about a dozen people, if that, getting soaked by the constant rain we've had all day. A 1/2 hour visit to my manager turned out to be a 3 - 4 hour visit & meeting (useful as well). When I finally left the campus around lunchtime the picket line has diminished a bit - but the pickets were looking more soaked and fed up. I had to smile - it was too funny.

I had hoped to leave work so I could sort some of the music out in the cupboard before practise started. Just as I was starting to pack up the head of department, who was talking to the lecturer in the other office, dragged me into the conversation (with the lines 'a system could be writtern by.... which does.....). So, I have another system to write - which will mean the department trailbreaking (again) a new and wonderful system for the students to attempt to break. Again, its up to yours truly to do all the work on it. With the normal 'technician' role I do, add to that the probable setting up of another web forum (for socialolgy), three systems in production and another 2 to get setup I think I need another 12 hours in the day.

Sometimes I do wonder if being useful is a good thing - I like to build these systems and make life easier for people. But I do need the time to build these damn things - staff and students constantly stopping me is not a good way of getting stuff built.

Anyway, music went fine today - for the first time I'm slightly confident of getting the bulk of the stuff I play on the flute 'acceptable'. Sure I can play most of it, but I have my own standard, which is higher. Its hard to describe, but 'playing' a piece is one thing - I prefer to be able to play a piece instead of 'fighting' to play the piece. If that makes any sense. I know I set myself this highter standard, but I need it to be satisfied with my playing. Its harder with the flute because I haven't played it as long as the clarinet - but its coming along. That I can tell.
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