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Ugh - again

Another scattered braincell day. I was at least able to clean a good portion of the house, empty the vacumn cleaner as well emptying and even cleaned the filter. Other than that it was another annoying day. Its hard to concentrate on anything for long and for me thats one of the worst things that could happen.

I hope this passes soon - I may have to take more radical action to try and clear my head. I don't really want to do a 10 mile strenuous hike with the way my ankle is and with the weather as it is, but it may be the only option.

To cap it all - it looks like works email system has packed up again. This, I might point out, has a spam filter which blocks real messages and lets through the spam. Has a tendency to deliver messages when it likes and has a annoying tendancy to break down on a regular basis. Its not that hard to keep an email system running, even with the huge amounts that come though works system - the problem is basically they've 'compartmented' everything and the problems get constantly shuffled between 'teams'.

Someone pass me the vodka, I think I need to have a long meeting with it.
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