madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Bumbling along

Not a fun day today, working through treacle.

I had to reinstall my new BDC as a couple of problems occured that only a complete reformat would solve. Sounds easy...... The problem is that a BDC needs to talk with the Primary on installation. The way our esteemed central computing unit have set up the network makes that difficult. I have work arounds, but they only work after installation and I hadn't the foggiest how I did it the first time. After several hours messing with cables, networking, lmhosts and hosts files, WINS and DHCP I found a fudge that worked.

Then its the install the hotfixes - windows update fails so each hotfix has to be installed on its own, each one requires rebooting and the famous 'multiple fix install without reboot' program famously doesn't work on this version...........

One of the large drives is formatting overnight, I'll start the initialisation of the raid tomorrow morning and then I can start the data transfer...........

The jobs are mounting up, and I'm fast running out of time. Induction start next week and every stupid thing that someone whats, breaks or some other stupid thing takes my time away. Tomorrow is a large meeting so most of that day will go. The new subject manager is computer savvy, so I have to work even harder to ensure that everything he wants is done.

I should have stayed as a filing clerk, or in finance. That wasn't as bad as it is now, and I'd probably be in a better position than I currently am.

With all that and a increasing painful hand I'm not in the best of moods.

Oh, and by the way, my best friend is not having too much fun so my counselling hat is back on. We're hoping to do a short walk (8 miles or so) something this weekend, maybe Thor's Cave or maybe even Kinder Scout. We both need it, but work may interupt those plans. We're both catching up.

On the funny side, I did tell him that if they offered my a decent deal I'll join where he's working. We work well as a team. He's the serious one, I provide the comedy, common sense and 'out of the box' thinking so it would be nice. I doubt it would happen, but its a nice thought.
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