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Student Hustings - run for the hills (or at least the office)

Another student union election is soon and today is the day of the hustings (ie why should you vote for me) on this campus. Slightly better than last time - which they turned up when almost no students were in....

So, in the canteen we're all eating lunch and we spot them starting. Lots more people with t-shirts saying vote x/y/z etc etc etc. A couple of 'organisers' who try to keep everything organised (and fail) as well as setting up a microphone and amplifier (fail badly). The microphone and amplifier are not setup correctly and are useless for the application - I would certainly not help them sort out the problem, staff hate these things as they ruin our lunch. So, its eat as fast as possible and beat a retreat.

Oh, and by the way, this'll will probably the only time any of them (including the ones who win the vote for the various roles) will appear on this campus during the year.

Luckily, this is one of the few times where my badly scattered head is a good thing - although I could do with the head working correctly.
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