madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Weekend, what weekend?

I didn't notice the weekend much, I tried to do some tasks/jobs around the house but I couldn't concentrate on the task - which has been the general story for the last couple of weeks.

My scattered mind is starting to annoy me quite a bit. I need it to be less scattered so I can concentrate more. The loss of concentration is severely pulling on my reserves, not to mention the tasks which need to be done are taking longer to sort out because of this.

What do I have to look forward to this week? - its the concert on Saturday, so I'll have to make sure I'm ready for it, clean my dress shirt, bring the suit out etc. Nothing too bad there (except the shirt is a pain to iron and creases too easily). Oh, and I need to find my bow tie - it'll probably need a clean as well. I should also get my haircut - but if I don't get the time it won't matter too much (but it does really need doing).

Oh well, onto the next task.....
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