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My left shoulder is hurting quite badly - although I still have full movement I've (reluctantly) decided to not go to badminton tonight. If it was my right shoulder then I would risk it and see how it went. But, as its my left (which is my 'racket' side), then the risk is not worth it and I would just annoy myself by not being able to play to my usual standard (not to mention my range of shots). I telephoned the person I give a lift to and he was 'shocked' that I would have to not play due to injury. I can play through most minor problems, but this is a little more problem. I've decided to have a hot bath tonight and see if that loosens everything up. Hopefully, its not too serious. If its still like this at the weekend I may need to get a doctors appointment next week.

I may be mad, but I ain't stupid. They just may be a few shell shocked students at the end of the week as I won't have had anywhere to blow off some steam.
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