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The weekend... I made it.....

I've made it to the weekend, somehow I made it. I'm not sure how but I made it.

I have a concert tomorrow, my shoulder is still painful but I should be okay to hold the flute - I could miss the concert, but it would create a BIG hole due to the setup we have. I have a 'heat patch' which I'll use and ensure I spend the rest of the weekend resting. I plan to go to the doctor next week - the pain is not getting less. Luckily I have Tuesday off (so I can have a restful day before the 5 am train on Wednesday).

Now, I've got my dress shirt in the machine to be washed tonight, it'll be a pig to iron tomorrow but it'll be 'easier' while its damp. I need to find my bowtie, but at least I have my cufflinks. Unfortnatly the 'backward clock' set need new batteries so it'll have to be the 'smart' set.

I need to try and finish my 'April Fool' for the forum at work - its simple and mostly finished. Shame that the day is on a Saturday - quite a lot of people won't see it. But, hey ho - thats life.

At least the clocks go forward this weekend. I must remember to change all the clocks - at least its not as bad as my parents house. Last count there was about 20 clocks in the living room alone.........
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