madclarinet (madclarinet) wrote,

Where has the day gone?

A strange day. Because I'm off for the next couple of days I've spent most of the day ensuring that the various things I normally do are covered. For instance, the laptops/projectors that staff use for lectures need to be organised. If I'm not there then staff have to give the stuff to the 'next' person, instead of giving them back to me (which is simpler and easier to remember). That should work, but its a domino effect - each part relies on the previous one to work......

Its funny, the bi-weekly team meeting was today. If people are missing for a few days during 'term time' then thats okay (as long as stuff is covered). When I'm missing in the same time, it gets a mention in the minutes so everyone can panic accordingly.

Well, its been like that. Tomorrow I planned to have a 'quiet' day as I need to catch a 5am train the next day. It'll be a bit of a rush to begin with - I need to get a doctors appointment, attempt to get my hair cut and another half dozen little tasks before a early night and get up at 3am so I can get to the train station in plenty of time.
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