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Argh - this 'brilliant' appointments system...

Okay - All I wanted to do was get a doctors appointment.

This is what I used to do.

Drop in the surgery on my way home from work. Make a early appointment a couple of days later so I could go to the doctors (about a mile away from home) then continue to work (other side of the city).

This is what I have to do now.

Phone up at 8.00, they phone me back and ask why I want an appointment then offer me a time. This messes up a lot of stuff. I have to telephone when I'm trying to get ready for work, then they will phone me back anytime within the next hour - which is when I'm trying to get to work. I don't talk on the cell while I'm driving so I'll either have to wait at home or hope that they'll 'phone where I can safely stop the car and talk.

So... I was slightly late (20 minutes) in phoning the doctors and guess what. I've missed 'the slot' so I have to try again tomorrow. I can't do that, so I'll have to phone on Thursday (maybe go to work early so I can be there). Then I'll waste the best part of 2 hours driving to the doctors and back........

This is supposed to be a efficient system, efficient for whom I wonder. Maybe I should just wait until I need Accident and Emergency and see what happens then......
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