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Made it back, quick update

Well, a very tiring day indeed.

I didn't have a good nights sleep - I reckon I got a couple of hours before the alarm kicked in around 3am. Walked to the rail station and made it to Cambridge okay (train arrived about 8.10am. Almost got ran down by bicycles several times in Cambridge (there are a huge amount of cyclists). Workshop was great, really useful and fun as well.

I got a slightly later train back (figured course might run late, didn't know how long it would be to get to station etc etc etc). Because I planned for delays, I didn't get any and spent almost 2 hours waiting at Cambridge station - luckily they had an excellent shop where I could get a very decent (and fairly expensive) cup of tea (okay, I had a couple, but it was worth it).

Made it back to Derby station at around 10pm, got home about 10.45pm (slower walk as I was tired).

Not bad, a 19 hour day with hardly any sleep the night before.

Whats the betting I'll be able to get a doctors appointment tomorrow????
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