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A day I would like to forget

Stuck in a meeting ALL day. Its one we have each year - very useful but long and quite boring at times. Especially when you have several people all talking at the same times and raising their voices to drown out everyone else.

To cap it all I spent most of the day in a state of overload - the large amount of noise made it near impossible for me to understand what peoplew were saying. Luckily I don't have much input in the meeting as its more for academics then technicians - but I need to be there. Luckily the times I needed to say something I had enough left in me to give a good enough answer, but I was in serious danger of not catching those times. I really hate it when I start to say something, then get talked over and 5 minutes later finish (and could have saved those minutes as I was saying something which I had the answer to, or a workable solution) - too many times

On the good side, as we were running late (no surprise) the stuff I wanted to talk about (basically the forum) was agreed without much comment - its nice when people are itching to leave. Also, when I put forward a thing, I instantly back it up with good (I hope) reasons etc so its hard to kill without a good arguement. I also pick up hints on systems I need to write or adjust as well.

I have to admit that the forum is my 'baby'. I set it up myself over 5 years ago on the server and its taken off better than I could have hoped. I always am pushing the forum forwards (new software, system changes etc) but I'm careful not to change it for changing sake. This year we're allowing avatars and using the calander thats available to show hand in dates, term times etc.

Induction week next week - chaos will reign supreme. I hope I don't overload, it may not be pretty.
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