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Hospital and Daytime TV

I had an appointment with the consultant today about my hand/wrist. Unfortunatly it decided to behave itself today so nothing much could be done. The bone structure is fine, I do, however, have the type of ligaments which allow an increased range of movement - which also makes me more suspectable to other injuries/problems. Anyway, back in six months - hopefully I can ensure that the wrist is misbehaving then.

Left shoulder has problems, right wrist too - what next.

While I was waiting for my appointment, the reception area/waiting area has a tv on with some stupid daytime tv program. You know the type - bring arguements etc out in the open and let the country know about it. I wasn't watching it - indeed I was making a point of it, but I couldn't not blank out the sound. The presenter was 'trying' to get both sides of the story and people were talking/shouting over each other, more people added to continue discussion on both sides etc etc etc.

I was sooooo glad when my name was called - rescued from daytime tv. One of the more annoying things around. I thought I did quite well not to throw a chair at the television.......
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